Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Jurek is one of the nicest and most caring doctors I have ever dealt with. She takes the time to listen to her patients when they come in to see her. She never makes you feel rushed or pushed to get the appointment over with. She is very open minded and has a unique approach to each persons' individual wellness."

Sheila G.

"Dr. Bozena is a wonderfully caring and knowledgeable physician. She spends time listening to your concerns and works hard to come up with an accurate diagnosis. She tries to provide alternative methods of treatment using homeopathic and natural medicine through lifestyle and diet changes that can help prevent the need for conventional medicines. I would highly recommend her!"

Joe D.

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Bozena Barbara Jurek, MD

Ten years ago, after I became incurably ill I decided against conventional treatment. I learned a great deal about the value of nutrition, rest and exercise, changing bad habits, protecting from chemical and biological toxins, a clean environment and body detoxification.

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