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Hi, I am doctor Bozena Barbara Jurek. I practice holistic medicine. Ten years ago, after I became incurably ill I decided against conventional treatment. I learned a great deal about the value of nutrition, rest and exercise, changing bad habits, protecting from chemical and biological toxins, a clean environment and body detoxification. I became fully aware of the power of relationships with family, friends and people. My health changed from hopeless to fabulous.

Last year I finished a fellowship in anti-aging medicine and now I am getting a masters degree in metabolic and nutritional medicine. The integrated medicine became my life's passion. Everyone can improve their physical and mental health. Everyone can preserve or improve their memory and mood. Patients who visited me last year being miserable, weak and feel young and happy now. They ask if this is proof that they are well. My answer is yes!

I named my practice For Your Health because my goal is to bring wellness to everybody who wants to take part in it. For Your Health can benefit those who are well and want to stay well and for those who feel their health is not as good as it used to be as well as people who are dealing with of depression, pain and sickness. We will work together, my approach to healing is a person-centered diagnosis. I take into consideration your individual needs for achieving balance and harmony.

Your health and your well-being is my priority.

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